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Hello!! After making a page for everyone in the house I decided it was my turn to make one for myself and have some real fun!! Well not that I didn't have fun making all of the others but it's different when you do one for yourself!! First off to tell you what I like! I like Pink but who would of ever guessed that! I also think I was born to late as I always loved the psychadelic stuff from the 60's with all the trimmings. My best friend pride & joy are the four little munchkins. They keep me very busy. I am a stay at home mom & the kids are 10, 8, 7 & 5 so a person doesn't have to worry about finding something to do around here!! Things I like to do are; Genealogy I very much enjoy digging and learning about my ancestors, how they lived and what their lives were like.

I also Co-Sponsor the USGenWeb site for Pepin County Wisconsin with Mr. Chuck Miller from Alaska.

I very much enjoy all kinds of crafts and will be putting some of them up so if anything interests you please let me know. I do them in my spare time, well when I can find some spare time. E-mail me if you see anything you like or want anything done! I also am the Secretary of the Northwest Wisconsin Chapter of Newborns In Need. I have my own work group here in our hometown and my wonderful internet ladies as well who crochet, sew, quilt, knit and other things for the babies...... A new Passion for me is QUILTING!! Thanks to Diane I am stockpiling my own stash of my own material as well as the material I have to keep on hand for the NIN workgroup meetings, LOL I also suffer from the dreaded thing called Fibromyalgia and would love hearing from others who have been cursed with it. Maybe we could share things on how to make the days better.

Well make sure you stop at the other pages and you MUST sign the Guestbook & if you'd like to chat you can always stop into my Corner chat room!! You all stop back now and enjoy the rest of your tour!! Oh and if we are researching any of the same names make sure you drop me an e-mail!!



My hobbies when I find time are:

Pretty Punching Quilts & QUILTING
Painting shirts
Listening to music
Making Dream Catchers
Making Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments
Making Webpages
Long walks with my family
Chatting with all of my cyberpals


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